We hope you will join us for more than just the ceremony and reception! We'll have fun activities at the camp from Friday afternoon to Sunday. Here we have a quick outline of the schedule and a bit about the ceremony. A complete schedule will be available at the camp when you arrive.

Dress for most of the weekend is casual and comfortable. You're at summer camp! For the ceremony and the Saturday evening activities we'd love it if you dressed up a bit, whatever that means to you! For us that would mean a dress/skirt or a button-down shirt, but we know some of you like to look more or less fancy. That's ok! Also, if the weather is nice the ceremony will be outside on the grass, so please choose your footwear accordingly!




About the ceremony

Our wedding ceremony is Quaker-inspired and non-scripted, and all of our guests will have the opportunity to be a part of it. Here's how we envision it working:

Everyone will gather at the site and we will take our seats at the front of a half-circle of chairs. At this time anyone who feels so moved may stand up and speak. Guests should feel free to share thoughts, memories, well-wishes, their favorite poem or song, or whatever else they think is fitting. These contributions can be prepared in advance, shared with others, or they can be completely spontaneous. Think of this as an opportunity to give a toast!

Once everyone who would like to speak has done so we will say a few words and sign the marriage certificate. Then all of the guests will also sign the certificate, give their congratulations, and head on over to dinner.

If you have questions about the ceremony or want to say something but don't know what, please contact Caroline.